Local Government

Executive Councillors


Policy & Resources- Councillor John McGinty (Scottish Labour Party)

Culture & Leisure- Councillor Dave King (Scottish Labour Party)

Development & Transport- Councillor Cathy Muldoon (Scottish Labour Party)

Education- Councillor Lawrence Fitzpatrick (Scottish Labour Party)

Environment- Councillor Tom Conn (Scottish Labour Party)

Health & Care- Councillor  Anne McMillan (Scottish Labour Party)

Services for the Community- Councillor George Paul (Scottish Labour Party)

Social Policy- Councillor Danny Logue (Scottish Labour Party)

Voluntary Organisations- Councillor Jim Dixon (Scottish Labour Party)


Ward 1- Linlithgow
          Tom Conn (Scottish Labour Party)

          Tom Kerr (Scottish Conservative Party)

          Martyn Day (Scottish National Party)

Ward 2 – Broxburn, Uphall and Winchburgh

          Tony Boyle (Scottish Labour Party)

          Diane Calder (Scottish National Party)

          Janet Campbell (Scottish National Party)

          Alex Davidson (Scottish Labour Party)

Ward 3 – Livingston North

          Robert De Bold (Scottish National Party)

          Anne McMillan (Scottish Labour Party)

          Andrew Miller (Scottish National Party)

          Angela Moohan (Scottish Labour Party)

Ward 4 – Livingston South

          Lawrence Fitzpatrick (Scottish Labour Party)
          Peter Johnston (Scottish National Party)

          Danny Logue (Scottish Labour Party)

          John Muir (Scottish National Party)

Ward 5 – East Livingston & East Calder

          Frank Anderson  (Scottish National Party)
          Carl John (Scottish National Party)

          Dave King (Scottish Labour Party)

          Frank Toner (Scottish Labour Party)

Ward 6 – Fauldhouse & The Breich Valley

          David Dodds (Scottish Labour Party)
          Greg McCarra (Scottish National Party)

          Cathy Muldoon (Scottish Labour Party)

Ward 7 – Whitburn & Blackburn

          Jim Dickson (Scottish National Party)

          Mary Dickson (Scottish National Party)

          George Paul (Scottish Labour Party)

          Barry Roberson (Scottish Labour Party)

Ward 8 – Bathgate

          William H Boyle (Scottish National Party)

          Harry Cartmill (Scottish Labour Party)

          John McGinty (Scottish Labour Party)

          Jim Walker (Scottish National Party)

Ward 9 – Armadale & Blackridge

          Stuart Borrowman ( Independent )

          Jim Dixon (Scottish Labour Party)

          Isabel Hutton (Scottish National Party)